A Single Decision Changes The Course Of Your Life Forever

Before the Calm is for those who never lost their passion, despite once feeling lost.  John shares his story, raw, authentic and unfiltered, so others may see their lives more clearly.

About the Book

This is me, John here, the author.  Here is how I would describe this book:  I pulled no punches.  I “opened the Kommo-o .”  My life was a train wreck.  It looked good from the outside, but, inside I was drowning.  There was a sense of impending calamity.  Despite all my success, I was losing it.  I felt alone and hopeless.  There was no calm, not a single moment.  I want to share with you what my life was like before it became calm, in hopes that seeing my wounds may open your eyes to see your wounds.  I will also share how I transformed my life.

Now… to the official copywriters (imagine this being read to you by Morgan Freeman please.)

Raised in an idyllic suburb in Western New York, John Bielinski, Jr. seemed to be on the road to living the American dream of attending a good school and following in the footsteps of his father, who was a successful doctor.

Bielinski’s memoir, Before the Calm: How My Mistakes Unearthed the Real Me is a no-holds barred self-examination of the events that shaped the life of CME4LIFE’s founder, and owner of American Medical Seminars, Inc as well as Yolo Sage. Even as his business was blossoming Bielinski struggled with the demons that had plagued him since his tumultuous youth.

Before the Calm reads like a novel, with a series of plot twists and a full cadre of characters that steer Bielinski through the storm that is his life. Every time Bielinski is on the brink of a happy ending his inner-demons come back to derail his progress.  Constant feedback is, “I couldn’t put it down.”

Before the Calm offers hope to anyone whose life seems to be spiraling out of control. It is filled with self-reflection and acceptance, and offers a path for an individual to begin the healing process.

I could not put this book down once I started. We all face situations in our life that we wish had turned out differently but rarely do we take a good hard look at the role we played and how to avoid repeating the same mistakes. John has shown that you can break the cycle and through his hard work combined with a deep faith in God, he has uncovered the John Bielinski hidden by his circumstances and early life choices. Great read for everybody who has ever struggled with life and is searching for more.

Rick S.

John Bielinski’s journey is one that may be familiar to many of us: a youth filled with internal and external conflict, poor decisions that profoundly affected who we were to become, and a displaced energy that was in desperate need of a healthy outlet. Through his many ups and downs, John discovered his passion and was able to build a thriving business and a deeply fulfilling personal life. At its core, Before the Calm is a story of redemption, grace, and love. It is a testimony to the power of one person to alter his life’s trajectory by simply and humbly bowing a knee. If you are looking for inspiration, regardless of where you are right now on your own journey, read this book.


Before The Calm is anything but calm. It was so captivating and emotionally powerful that you will not want to put it down.


About the Author

John Bielinski, Jr. is the founder and owner of CME4LIFE, LLC an Inc. 5000 (twice) company that teaches medicine and optimal thinking. John also owns American Medical Seminars and Yolo Sage, a Dale Carnegie franchise in Southwest Florida.

As a child, John struggled in school, was labeled a “difficult learner,” and was placed in classes for students with special needs. He never graduated high school and turned to martial arts and made fighting a way of life. After a troubled youth, John joined the United States Marine Corps, where he found discipline, seeing front line combat action during Operation Desert Storm.

Back home, John attended a community college before attending the University at Buffalo.  He earned his medical degree from King’s college, upon graduation winning the award for “most motivated physician assistant.”  John career was working in emergency medicine and critically ill patients. He also developed a passion for teaching, serving as an instructor for twelve years at two different PA schools in Buffalo as well as teaching advanced cardiac life support.  John started lecturing nationally and quickly became a favorite keynote speaker.

John fought in full contact martial arts in the Marine Corps and competed in full contact kickboxing/Krav Maga, ran numerous marathons, and completed the Lake Placid Ironman Triathlon. Although the struggle with his personal demons nearly cost him all of what he worked so hard to build, John founded CME4LIFE—now recognized as one of the nation’s fastest-growing businesses—and is helping to train the next generation of clinicians, as a passion and a calling.

John is finally finding what eluded him his entire life—self-acceptance and inner peace. He’s also deeply committed to helping those struggling with their own demons, healing the damage his demons caused others, and working to be the man he believes God is calling him to be.

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